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Who accredits and approves the course and who can I join?

The course is approved by the UK Health Coaches Association (UKHCA). We also have the course accredited by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT), the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPMH), and the Complementary Medical Association (CMA). The IICT and the IPMH represents overseas students and practitioners. We are a training provider member of the Association for Coaching, which our graduates can join due to the comprehensive nature of our coaching modules (non-accredited course). We also recommend graduates join The Nutrition Society, as they are a leading body in the advancement of nutritional science.

Who are Active Health Coaching?

Active Health Coaching are a specialised subsidiary of Active Health Group, who are a leading training provider of complementary and sports therapy courses. For full details of Active Health Group please go to

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered 100% online so it is accessible by anyone with computer and internet access. The course format consists of online ebooks, pdf's, audio and video, as we try to accommodate all learning styles. We also run tutorial webinars. Samples of our learning materials can be found on our dedicated online academy at: The course is delivered in the English language.

How long is the course duration?

The course is approximately 360 hours. If you pay in full you will get access to all of the course materials, where you work through at your own pace. If you opt to pay in 12 monthly instalments you get access to lessons on a monthly basis over 12 months (you cannot do this format any quicker). In all cases the course needs to be completed within 24 months.

What is the difference between your course and other Health Coaching courses?

As part of our initial market research, our team booked onto different courses to see what they offer. Most courses offer 'standard' health coaching, which is basically coaching in a health setting. Some courses give information on the vast amount of different diets out there. We have designed our course to ensure that not only can our graduates offer 'coaching', but they can also offer practitioner level nutrition advice, to assist their clients with health conditions, such as gut health, autoimmune issues, diabetes, arthritis etc. We also have a full module on Sports Nutrition, so our clients have a wider range of clientelle. Some courses are delivered purely by text, which we found can be quite hardwork, whilst others are purely video based. Our course resources are text, video and audio, to ensure whatever your learning style, you will get the best from the programme. That said, there are some great courses out there, and some abysmal ones, so research carefully! As health coaching is becoming popular, so are the amount of very cheap 'courses' on offer, which usually amount to no more than a few basic lessons, which are a waste of money.

What are the career prospects for Health Coaches?

Health Coaching is a relatively new profession in the UK, where are Nutritional Therapy is long established. It is very rare that there are 'employment' opportunities for either Health Coaches or Nutritional Therapists, but there may be some exceptions.
As with all complementary therapy courses, which this is, most Health Coaches and Nutritional Therapists are self-employed and run their own practices. Health & Nutrition Coaches charge anywhere between £50 and £100 per session, depending on where they are based. Some of our own tutors charge £125 per session for their service.

How long will I need to spend studying per week?

The course has been accredited at 360 hours, which is about 7 hours per week.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no academic entry requirements, however you will need the following: Basic IT skills + equipment and software required to undertake the course (e.g. Windows or equivalent, Microsoft office, Zoom access) English Proficiency – students for whom English is not their native language must achieve a score of 7 (or higher) in the four components of the International English Language Testing System ( IELTS) (or its equivalent).

Your course seems expensive!

It depends what you are comparing it to. We have done indepth market research and there are the 100 page home study courses for around £500; the 'Groupon' type £39 courses, none of which are UK Health Coaches Association approved, then on the other side you have courses up to around £17,000!

When booking a course, you have to look at potential Return on Investment (ROI), as this is an investment, unless you just want something to help you to live a little healthier yourself rather than actually being able to treat others.

A good Health Coach can earn a minimum of £50 per hour, if you worked with just 10 clients per week, that is £500 per week, over 48 weeks (considering a normal 4 week annual leave), that is £24,000 per year - for £2,499 course fee investment! Some Health Coaches may earn considerably less, and some considerably more, that is down to the individual, and we give you a Business, Marketing and Social Media module to help you be the best you can be.
If the course you are looking at isn't UK Health Coaches Association approved, then it probably isn't worth doing if you are looking at a career as an Health Coach.


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