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Free Resources

As part of our commitment to good health and well-being, we are pleased to offer free resources which we hope you will find useful.  For more interesting articles on health and well-being please also check out our Blog.  Some of the links will take you to our AHG Online Academy site.  Please click on the image to take you to the resource.


Immunity Support Pack

This pack will help you understand what your immune system is and how it works.  It will help you connect the dots between your lifestyle and your immune system health.  With Evidence Based recommendations, and the most scientifically proven vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Includes evidence based supplementation dosages and timings, and 24 immune supporting recipes.


7 Days To Gut Health

Whether you currently suffer from Leaky Gut or simply desire improvement in overall health, you will find this programme beneficial.  We will look at the basics of Leaky Gut; what causes it, some of the symptoms and side effects, triggers, and basics on how to heal a Leaky Gut.


Boost Your Immune System

This resource is full of information on the best solutions to help you to support your immune system with tips on lifestyle, herbs, essential oils, supplements and healing foods.


Stress Assessment and Management

This course will give you show you what stress is, what it does to your body, and most importantly how to deal with it. The guides and techniques in the course can be used on a daily basis as a way to manage your stress.


7 Day Sugar Cleanse

By taking the 7-Day Sugar Cleanse, you can feel energetic, experience a better mood, and have increased focus! In Just 7 days!

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Bulletproof Gut Programme

This programme will help you to create a healthier gut. With food diaries, meal planners and recipes, this programme will give you lots of support for your gut health goals.

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Overcoming Obstacles

Help build grit, resilience and mental toughness.  This course equips you with the tools to use overwhelming force against your challenges, so you can conquer them and reach your goals.


Personal & Workplace Wellness

This course will look at what Wellness is, and how you can achieve it in your personal or work-life. It is also useful for therapists looking to offer workplace wellness guidance either to businesses or clients. You will have access to a complete workbook, sample case studies, and other useful resources including a sample workplace action plan.

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