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Kirsten Tranter

Health and Wellness Coach







A Bit About Me

Hi!  I'm Kirsten. 


Mum of two children and one fur baby,  a theatre, yoga and aerial hoop lover and I've always been passionate about supporting people to live the life they deserve and want!  


I believe life is about balance and finding enjoyment, and I believe everyone has the right to this and that YOU deserve it!


As a Health and Wellness Coach I will provide you with bespoke one to one support to explore with you your own health and wellness aims, get a thorough overview of your current lifestyle, and build a plan with you to achieve and sustain your health and wellness goals. 


I will provide time, accountability and a safe space for you to talk, think, review, explore and express yourself without judgement. Where appropriate I will also give specialist advice and information.


I will use conversational questioning techniques that will enable you to develop knowledge, skills and confidence for yourself, in order to make the changes you require to improve your health. 


I will work with you to uncover your barriers, work out what your motivators are, support you to set achievable goals, and make positive and sustainable change for you.   


To find out more go to, or get in touch


Scope of Practice;

I am a certified Health and Integrative Nutrition Coach through Active Health Group, graduating in 2021. 


I am a member of the UK Health Coaches Association.

Click Here to view the UKHCA scope of practice:


I am insured to practice in person and online as a practitioner in Nutrition and Health Coaching by Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers for Professional Liability and Malpractice, and Commercial Legal Protection.

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