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This is a Level 4 qualification suitable for individuals who require an understanding of nutrition and diet and their effect on health. It is particularly relevant for people working in the health, fitness, or catering professions who might have a role in the promotion of healthy eating or the preparation of meals, menus, and diets for sportspeople at all levels of ability.


The objective of the qualification is to provide knowledge and understanding of the nutritional requirements for a healthy diet, the effect of diet on health, and the importance of hydration. These principles are then applied to fulfilling the dietary requirements for physical activity and sport.

The total qualification time for this course is 90 hours.


On successful completion of this course, you will achieve:  

  • RSPH Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity & Sport (RQF - Ofqual Regulated)

We are accredited by the IICT and IPHM to ensure your certification is recognised internationally.  


The cost of this course is £449.00 which can be paid in full, and the course will be unlocked in full.  You can also pay in 4 payments of £112.25 and lessons will be unlocked monthly over 4 months.  Awarding body registration, assessment, and certification fees are an additional £150.00.  A separate invoice for awarding body fees will be sent within 6 weeks of enrolment.

Assessment is via written assignments that you complete.  


This is a 100% self-paced online course, delivered on our AHG Online Academy site.  

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  • Nutrition Foundation: Principles of Nutrition; Key Guidelines; Nationally Recommended Practice; Nutrition and Physical Activity; Collecting Nutritional Information; Using Nutritional Information.

  • Digestive System and Gut Health: The Gut Microbiome; Digestive Basics; Clean Eating for Gut Health; Fermented Foods for Gut Health; Probiotics and Gut Health; Detoxification for Gut Health; Moods and Gut Health; Food Sensitivities and Intolerances; Common Gut Conditions.

  • Nutrition Fundamentals: Protein; Fats; Carbohydrates; Dietary Fibre; Micronutrients; Phytochemicals; Water; Fructose.

  • Sports Programming: Nutrition for Endurance Athletes; Nutrition for Physique Athletes; Nutrition for Strength/Power Athletes.

  • Specific Needs Nutrition: Plant-Based Diets; Nutrition for Young, Women and Older People; Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders; Autoimmune Disorders.