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Susan Norris-Roberts

Health and Wellbeing Coach



A Bit About Me

I’ve spent the last 30 years working in the educational industry – I was a teacher for 10 years and then I moved into educational publishing. Over the course of my squiggly career in publishing I’ve worn many different hats: Editing, training, resourcing, change management, early careers coaching and mentoring … to name but a few.  I’ve had various senior management and leadership roles, played a key role in some significant operational restructures and been a trusted advisor to senior leadership. I’ve benefitted from lots and lots of in-house and external training and I’m also a qualified Change Management Practitioner. 


I’m a woman in mid-life, and I’m experiencing the changes and challenges that mid-life brings. Over the past two decades I’ve experienced post-viral fatigue syndrome four times so I also know first-hand how difficult life can be when you’re living with a chronic health condition, how life can lose its colour, how the simplest of tasks can feel like, well, like trying to climb a very high mountain. I understand what it’s like to try and hold down a career and keep all of the plates spinning in the midst of a flare-up of symptoms. 

I had my first experience of health coaching during a post-viral fatigue flare up. It was powerful and transformational and it planted a seed within me that would eventually lead me to retrain as a Health & Wellbeing Coach.

My Scope of Practice

I have a level 5 Diploma in Integrative Health & Nutrition Coaching from the Active Health Group (AHG) and I’m a member of the UK and International Health Coaching Association.

Click here to view the UKIHCA Scope of Practice:

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I am insured and both my insurance certificate and my qualification certificates are available to view as required.


If you’re a woman in mid-life and you’d like to feel more motivated to make some lifestyle changes, and have more energy to maintain those changes, if you’d like to feel less overwhelmed and more in control, you’ve come to the right place.


I love to work with women in mid-life because whilst this phase of life brings challenges, I also believe it’s a phase of life brimming with opportunity. Each one of us is unique and we all have potential waiting to be unlocked. It would be my pleasure to partner with you to get curious about the opportunities in your life and to help unlock your potential so that you can live your life to the full, with joy, with energy and with purpose.


I offer a variety of one-to-one coaching packages. For all packages, we meet online on a weekly basis and each session lasts one hour.

Mid-life can be challenging

Thankfully menopause is no longer the taboo subject it used to be but that doesn’t take away the fact that it can be daunting to navigate this phase of our lives. Our bodies change shape, our energy levels decrease, getting to sleep or staying asleep can be a challenge … The list of symptoms that a woman can experience are many and no two women have the exact same experience. In addition, many women find themselves squeezed between caring for elderly parents and dealing with the challenges of parenting young adults.

Perhaps you’re tired of trying to make changes to your lifestyle that don’t stick, or you feel so daunted by all of the things that you want to change, that you don’t know where to begin. Your quality of sleep isn’t what it was; you’re tired and stressed, often overwhelmed by the many plates you have to keep spinning in your home and work life, often feeling torn, often feeling that you aren’t doing anything well enough. You know that you want to make some lifestyle changes but you feel that you’ll only fail again and that will give you yet another thing to feel guilty about.


Maybe you feel that you’ve reached a crossroads in life, you have a niggling feeling that you aren’t living the life that you truly want to; you feel a sense of loss and you’re wondering what your purpose is. You feel stuck and you need some help to get clarity and to figure out the next steps.


But it’s also a time brimming with opportunities and potential.

It’s possible to feel more energised so that you feel better equipped to face the daily pressures and challenges of life. It’s possible to gain clarity and a fresh perspective so that you can start to embed real changes that will have a lasting impact on your health and on the quality of your relationships. It’s possible to start replenishing your own reserves so that you can care for your loved ones from a place of plenty.


Whether you’re ready to make some changes to your life and don’t know where to begin or whether you are seeking the space to explore new possibilities and reconnect with your purpose, Health & Wellbeing coaching can help you. Because wellness isn’t just about the absence of illness. And wellness is not an indulgence. Wellness encompasses every aspect and dimension of your life, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and it has a direct impact on the quality of your relationships, your work, your social life and your community. Wellness is about your whole health. 


As a qualified Health & Wellbeing professional, I have a unique skill set. I am an expert in lifestyle and behaviour change, and I can work with you to identify and unblock obstacles and saboteurs so that you can rediscover motivation and be inspired to move forward with your life, making long-term sustainable changes. 

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