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What is Biohacking?

The word “biohacking” is a combination of “biology” and “hacking. It is a positive term that is used to refer to a trick or shortcut related to a biological system. Biohacking is an approach that uses electronic, medical, physical or nutritional ways to improve a person’s biological systems and overall health. This particular term is used to indicate that it is an intervention—hacking—to use external tools to enhance our biological systems.

Biohacking involves a variety of practices, habits, and tools. Here are some of the most common.

1. Nootropics

Nootropics are a group of medical drugs that are used to enhance cognitive abilities like attention, concentration, wakefulness, and sleep cycle. They are designed to improve performance in personal, social, physical, and professional spheres.

2.Cybernetic Devices

Cybernetic devices are used to record biometric data that can help a person improve their health metrics. They include:

· Do-It-Yourself Body Improvement

· Implants and surgeries are also included

in biohacking because they are widely used by people for the improvement of their bodies and enhancement of their shapes.

How to Biohack

You can find a plethora of biohacking guides online, including simple methods and procedures. Here are a few easy ways you can start biohacking.

1. Improve your posture

The ways you sit, talk, stand, and walk are important factors that reflect your personality and affect your overall health. Millions of us are walking around or sitting around with terrible posture, but we do nothing about it. Bad posture can have a dramatic impact on bone structure and health and muscle tone. As you go about your daily routine, start to pay attention to your posture and make a conscious effort to roll your shoulders back, sit up straight and avoid hunching or slouching.

2. Improve your nutrition

Nutrition, like posture, is another essential, easy thing to fix. Start small, making little changes to your nutrition each day. Swap a soda for a glass of water. Have a salad at lunch instead of a hamburger. Use whole wheat bread instead of white. Again, make a conscious effort to make healthier choices a little at a time.

3. Turn up the music

If you feel your focus and concentration drifting, turn up the music. Look online for suggestions of types of music that can help your focus in different situations.

Pros and Cons of Biohacking

As with everything new in the world of health and wellness, you should give biohacking due diligence and make sure it is a good fit for you. Consult a physician or other medical professional about any specific practice, implement, or exercise you are unsure of or before starting any serious biohacking. Here is a brief rundown of the pros and cons of biohacking.

· May help in mental health treatments

· May increase dopamine, your “feel good” chemical

· May increase productivity

· May help increase long-termmemory

· May promote a better understanding of the human body without the use traditional

medicine and treatments.

· It is not termed “ethical” because it lacks regulation

· It is new and experimental and has not passed extensive standards or claims

Yours in health and wellness,


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